Rowan Academy Series

Honestly, this series was my lifeblood in primary school. Now I've rediscovered the joys of this series, I felt it deserved a spot on my fan page.

Edit: honestly my love for this series comes in waves and currently the tide is out.


Note: I love Henry, and I love the chapter illustrations, but personally I hate some of the headshots- Cynthia got the short straw. Good for getting a general overview of the characters, though.

william but im too lazy 2 find the picture
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tha gaol agam ort
description: and i will never be your shadow. / the goddess of heroically stupid death dies a heroically stupid death. (kinda roleswap au???)
deirdre of the sorrows
description:her name is deirdre fallow, and she is fourteen years old.


We're a fandom of like 12 so there is absolutely no content at All but here have some links

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