Welcome to Internet Town!

Hello! Internet Town is a lovely place to be! If you're here for the first time, we're pleased to have you! If you're returning, welcome home. We hope you had a great time in the Real World!

Under construction

Please don't mind the construction. We're currently working on:

We hope you'll understand. Feel free to complain to the government if you're being bothered. We are a developing country, after all.


Main Street

Residential Lane

Main Street


The Store

Computer Lab

Hello, dear! Come right in! We're the biggest lounge in this dinky little town, and we have the coolest, hottest new music around. While you're here, come kick back and listen to these funky tunes. Just head over to the jukebox and pop in some coins.

After you push in a dollar or so, you can choose to listen to any of these cool radio stations! We've got four stations for you to choose from.

FM 204 AM 422 AM 393 FM 193

Run along, kiddo. Don't disturb an old man's rest. Oh, you're coming in? Sorry, so terribly sorry. Let me just wipe away the cobwebs. All better! What are you looking for? We've got some fruits (oh, but they're rotten) and some top-of-the-line tech such as pagers and flip phones. Just pick an object and pay your price. Again, so terribly sorry.


Ain't seen anyone 'round these parts for a good while. Citizen or just passing by? Of course. Y'all best get out 'fore the rain starts to pour, you understand? This town is barren. Anyway, ya'll are here for those 'puters, right? I have tons of 'em. Just take a peek. Click on 'em to use 'em.

Residential Lane

Goth Manor

Stacy's Home

Welcome to the Goth Family Manor

The Goth Family Manor is traditionally owned by the Goth Family Heir. The Goth Family all mysteriously disappeared months ago, leaving their mansion empty. Now, it's a place for what's left of the Internet Town population to play and gawk at. Welcome in! We're sure you'll be safe. Just in case, have you written your will?

Welcome in, kiddo. This old lady doesn't get many visitors nowadays. I'll make some tea. Make yourself comfortable. The girl over there? That's my granddaughter. Lovely girl. She's moving out soon, though. Everybody is. This place is a ghost town. Don't mind my rambling, kiddo.
But why are you here? No, really. Why are you here? Just asking. Are you hiding something?